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Zero Waste DIY: Rose/Floral Water

I love using rose water as a tonic face spray! So naturally I started to research how to make it myself….Rose water in my opinion is one of the “Super Fruits” of skin products. Rose water has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It can reduce redness and excess oil, control your skin’s acidity levels and give you a moisturized, fresh look without using any heavy chemicals. (Source)
This recipe is zero waste, easy, fun and frugal!


  • Water that your comfortable with; Distilled, filtered, tap etc.
  • Rose/Flower of choice Pedals- fresh with NO pesticides is best. I used a pink/purple Rose of Sharon bush, that isn’t actually a rose- who’da thunk. It’s in the hibiscus family but still has anti-inflammatory properties. You can also use dried pedals as well if you don’t have access to any fresh but make sure their safe for cosmetic purposes.
  • Spray Bottle


  1. Pick flowers and collect the pedals. This is the relaxing, get-outside-kind-of fun part. The less blemished or dried out ones the purer the rose water will be (I tried to use old crusty ones and it turned the water black AH!).
  2. Rinse with cold water. In a stainless steel pot, place a heat-safe clean bowl filled with water in the middle of pot, this weighs the bowl down.
  3. Put pedals around the bowl (make sure the bowl is taller than the level of pedals. Add your water that will be the rose water to just covers the pedals (see photos below for steps 2-6 below).
  4. Turn stove on medium/low and wait until flowers get wilty and discolored. When this happens put a larger but flatter bowl on top of middle bowl and put the pot’s lid on pot upside down
  5. Wait a few minutes until you can see or hear the water simmering. Once simmering add ice in the small concave part of the upside down lid to induce more condensation on the inside of pot (that will be your rose water).
  6. The rose water (distilled version) will drip from lid to the top bowl. Let this happen for 15 minutes. If your like me and apt to forget, set a timer. You may have to add more ice and empty the lid basin if it melts (this is tricky, a suction/dropper may be easiest because I tried to grab and pour the melted ice into another container and spilled all over and burnt my finger a bit).
  7. Once timer is done, turn off stove and let cool. Collect rose water from the top bowl and pour in spray bottle. Let cool completely before use.


  • 1 cup pedals + 2 cups water = 1/2 cup rose water
  • Use as a spritzer before you moisturize your face and body daily
  • Keep in fridge for longer shelf life (this is where I keep the extra for refill when I run out in the sprayer)
  • If not using really fragrant flowers like I did, you can add a drop of your favorite essential oil, like Lavender, Frankincense ect. I did DragonTime by YL. Be careful with putting certain essential oils on your face due to sunlight exposure and sensitivities, also avoid the eyes.

Resource used: Thanks to the internet, and Dulce Delight for Dulce Delight’s YouTube How to make Rose Water – Incredible and concentrated recipe
Disclaimer: I am not a herbalist, cosmetologist, dermatologist, or anything else that is medical that ends in ‘ist’ for that matter. These are just fun suggestions and are not guaranteed to cure diseases. Use recipe at own risk. I don’t even know what to say for this or if I have to, hope y’all don’t take advantage of that 🙂

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