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Just Days in of June: A Month of Zero Makeup

Not a lot beats some sunshine in a grassy field, makeup or not.

May 31- Taking advantage of my “last day” to wear makeup

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Only 6 days in and I’ve already learned a lot about myself. For one, its not as climactic and exciting as I thought, not a lot of people notice or say anything if they do. I guess its not ‘proper’ to ask why someone isn’t wearing makeup. Funny, because I would gladly tell ya! Maybe now I will start complimenting people when I notice that they aren’t wearing gobs of makeup, they usually look like themselves more anyway! Better yet, complimenting peoples smiles and achievements rather than go for the superficial stuff first. A weakness I have found is that I find myself envying peoples hair color, texture and style. Maybe it has to do with frustration that the world is full of toxic options for the earth and our bodies, and those are the norm! That I choose not be ignorant and use chemicals, dyes, waste, fragrances and plastics. I thought I was going to be nervous to go to work, where it’s assumed that one will wear makeup to seem more ‘professional’, but surprisingly it hasn’t really phased me that much. With that said my acne has been a tad bit more controlled so that makes it easier. I also have gotten used to not doing my makeup for my getting ready routine. It’s kind of nice to take that decision out of my day. It’s just in the beginning so we’ll see what else is in store these next few weeks. Will I just go back to my same exact feelings and routine at the end of this?


  1. jenhmarie says:

    When i first got into wearing makeup, I wore it almost every day. I only skipped wearing it when I was going to be doing physical activities or when I was late. But now that I’ve been more into zero waste and being minimalist, I’m becoming more and more bare-faced as well. I still wear tinted lip balm and sometimes I still wear makeup, but hopefully I’ll be able to skip it altogether! Beautiful post. 🙂

    • yourearthit says:

      Thank you so much!!! The goal is to empower women to feel just as beautiful without makeup as with makeup so taking any step in that direction is a success and you’re doing it! Love love love your zero waste and minimalism efforts.

    • yourearthit says:

      Thank you!
      You’d be surprised on how empowering it is after the initial stomach ache feeling. I encourage you to at least try and you can definitely start with just staying at home. It show’s the world you know you’re beautiful on the inside and out!

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