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Conventional Makeup is Poison: MIND, Body, and Earth.

Not too long ago I was interested in a more healthy, holistic, natural lifestyle. I took the ground running. Following Jesus has played a monumental role it that decision. It has opened my eyes to so much more of this world than I even imagined, good and bad. But before that, I was deeply involved with the average consumerism of today’s cosmetic industry; name brands, department store, designer, you name it, I wanted to try it all. Why? I have no idea…probably to have ‘self-made beauty’ or to have “perfection”. EW BLEH NO MORE NOT HERE, and not to future generations if I have a say in it. To put my (once) words into a picture: This is what I saw after being at Walgreens for less than 5 minutes and it broke my heart…

Say NO to Conventional Pharmacy, Grocery, Department Store and name brand Makeup. Its poisoning our MIND, body and earth.

A few things in my life have pushed this issue right in front of my face. First of all, I think of my own perception of beauty and am dissecting the roots in which it comes from with this June: A Month of Zero Makeup. Second, I spend time with infant girls, wonderful, beautiful, precious souls and I think of what I want for them (especially my own children eventually). What do I want them to know about themselves? I don’t want them to have distorted, shallow definitions of beautiful. I want them to be confident and radiate self-esteem. I want them to makes friends and care deeply for others beyond physicalities.  Thirdly, I want to bring attention to and reject negative media portrayals of beauty and body image. This is everywhere, in magazines, commercials, newspapers, blogposts, social media, the INTERNET. I grew up reading magazines and watching TV (they aren’t inherently bad) but they do need to be filtered, from ourselves, from parents, from suppliers and lastly and mostly the companies pumping them out. I watch television and read articles now and notice negative undertones that are represented in marketing schemes, slowly building incorrect perceptions of beauty. We need to DRASTICALLY change the way we view ourselves and others so that we can prepare the next generations to come. They will face difficulties and challenges, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try to tackle this one, NOW. The most genuine children I’ve been around are those who are visually impaired. It brings tears to my eyes of the honest, true and natural kindness they show to others. They do not have the boundaries of eyesight. They want to see people, for WHO they are not what they look like. I do not believe this is a coincidence. God created and intended on a perfect relationship between man/woman and Himself and women and men together. Those whose eyes were not open.
Ask yourself, what do you want for yourself and other women? For your children? How do we do this? I can’t really tell you exactly. For me, I am begining with a month of Zero Makeup. Realize what we purchase and use, and therefore support. What are they portraying? We look within ourselves. We reflect. We have conversations. We take action. So, I will actively oppose, discourage, and disapprove of toxic makeup and their media. Are you with me? Comment “I will, I do, or Yes” below to pledge to be a part of this. To stand together.


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