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At Your Earth It you will find exceptional supplies for zero waste, zero plastic, and zero harmful chemicals for DIY homemaking, every-day living, craft supplies and quality gifts! With the best of my ability I promise to supply you with the most authentic goods ranging from and hopefully all-encompassing: local, organic, plant-based, fair-trade, sustainable, environmentally-friendly, recyclable and/or compostable, benefiting local companies as well as global outreach programs and making a positive impact on God’s Creation as we consume, create, and flourish. Here we strive to be a welcoming, simple, and open environment to encourage community in Vancouver, WA as well as leaving an everlasting impression for travelers and those on the web.


I was a kid who cared about recycling and a teenager who started compost at her high school, still not fully aware of just how much plastic was out there. A few years down the road after adulthood, I started consuming less and living a simpler, more natural life. That sparked my passion for the environment. What I read and saw, I did not like. You could say that plastic, litter, animal exploitation, slave labor and environmental degradation breaks my heart. I became relentless in trying to reduce my waste accumulation (food, recyclables, plastic, trash, textiles etc.) I became determined to be aware of where things come from and what I actually need versus want, which will always be a difficult task, I get that too. Here I am, a couple years into this lifestyle and I find myself loving it, the challenge and all! It’s been tough but all the more rewarding.

Then again, I don’t do it for me.

I do it for my kids and the turtles.

I continued to go through life working as a dental hygienist struggling to find my niche, my passion, my purpose and at times just plain ol’ putting it on the back-burner. I came to a stop, more like a plateau, where I really have gone as far as I can go within zero waste without spending gobs of money or just ordering everything online. I kept coming across dead-ends for resources and redundant efforts. So a storm started brewing in my brain and heart.

Your Earth It was it.

Vancouver/Portland needs a zero-waste advocate. A place where people can come and buy goods and gifts with no packaging, to help them live a plastic-free, reduced trash, and DIY lifestyle. They need a resource for ethically-sourced materials to buy and also DIY supplies to fuel their frugal, homesteading fire. I needed to release my creativity and embrace the unknown.  This is how Your Earth It was born.